Ammolite with Seed of Life Third Eye Pinecone Pendant


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Honored as a sacred traditional talisman among the indigenous peoples of Canada from which it hails, Ammolite is the crystalized backing of an ammonite fossil that has been compressed under immense tectonic pressure within the earth for millions of years. During this time, the fossil undergoes a unique (and as yet unexplained) transformation, emerging with the breath-taking iridescent coloration they are so prized for today. Feng Shui practitioners consider Ammolite (known as “The Seven Color Prosperity Stone” in Chinese) to have accrued significant beneficial powers during its long slumber in the earth, bringing good fortune, health and prosperity to all who own or wear it. The Pinecone has been blessed with the Seed of Life, cast in Sterling Silver or 24k Gold. This sacred symbol serves as the foundation or “Seed” for the Flower of Life, and represents the Seven days of Creation. It depicts the origins of all matter, in geometric perfection, with six circles (the six days of work) resting inside a seventh circle (the day of rest, the sabbath). ***Because of the infinite diversity of Nature, the Pinecone you receive will inevitably be “unique” from those photographed above. Our Etsy stock is also only available in the sizes listed. If you’d like a different size of pendant or prefer to simply choose the exact piece you’ll receive please visit our website***

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